Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ABC's Loo Style . . .

Well, she doesn't sing the ABC's perfect, but sounds really cute doing it! Here is our first try using the audioBLOGGER. Click the link below to hear Mama & Loo over the internet - it is really cool! We'll work on the volume level when Loo talks and the "prank-caller", heavy breathing in the future - LOL!

this is an audio post - click to play

Tonight, was a good night! Both kiddos are fighting a cold and have been pretty miserable. Loco's nose has never run so much and he is drooling like a maniac! I know he is a little congested, but I swear a majority of this is teething! He was a trooper for a few pictures. How can the little guy look so sick and cute in the same shot?

Loo still was covered with band-aids, after an active day at Miss D's house. I was able to convince her to take a bath by promising if any of them fell off that we would get new ones. Where did this obsession come from?!!?

These pictures might be blackmailing material later in life! I can just imagine her in high school when she brings a boyfriend over to meet us . . . hahaha! That would be cruel, but fun :)
We would like to take a moment to welcome the newest addition to our family: Elisabeth Gabriella was born on Friday at 12:43 p.m., now Ame has her long-awaited baby sister! Loo & Loco can't wait to meet her soon :) Aunt Lauren did a great job and everyone is doing well (we hear from Gma Jacki) . . . we can't wait to see pictures up on your website soon! Congrats to Uncle Maury, too!

Also, we would like to thank those of you that have left comments! Please keep coming back and sharing your thoughts with us. We chose this format, b/c it is interactive and want to hear what you think!


Grandma Jacki said...

I love you too, Loo. You're such a sweetie. Those pics of the kids were great!

The Kept Woman said...

Had to laugh about the band-aids...seems that band-aids and ice packs are the cure-alls for toddlers!

2/01/2006 9:56 AM

Anonymous said...

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