Monday, February 27, 2006

Loo's Earrings - It's Gonna Hurt!

Yesterday (Saturday) we took a family "field trip" to the mall for Loo. She has been requesting for several days to get her ears pierced like her friend C and Mama! It is so sweet :<) For the last several days, we have been preparing her for the process. Dada kept telling her that it was going to hurt and she kept denying it saying, "No, Dada, it won't hurt." Well, I think now she knows that her Dada tells the truth - LOL! Enjoy the picture show . . . it wasn't as bad as it looks, but the crying was loud for a minute or so. After we were done getting them pierced, we treated her to playing in new play area and some pretzel bites. The pain and suffering of getting them done was a distant memory! Here she is trying to show them to me for a picture, but it is hard to get them both in the shot!As soon as we got home, she wanted her hair in pigtail and showed them off to all our neighborhood friends!


Grandma Jacki said...

Now she knows Dada did not tell her tails regarding the pain! Looks like she survived in good time. Her new earrings look gorgeous.

CameraDawktor said...

Boy do I remember that!! My daughter was 4 when she got her ears pierced. You have a really great blog and lots of cool pics!

3/05/2006 8:12 PM