Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Been Fun & Busy . . .

. . . since Dada came home! Loo & Loco are having a blast with him. Here are a few pictures, I'll write more soon (I promise!):
Loo & Dada snuggling on the gameroom couch
Dada bought Loo a glow-in-the-dark baseball bat and ball. Here she is trying to get a good hit off of it. Right now, she only tries one or two times and gets frustrated when she misses it! It is so cute to see her competitiveness come out, just like Dada & Mama :)

This picture of Loo in her Dora Jeep has a funny story! First, Mama keeps the battery out of it, so she can't drive it unmonitored b/c this is how she drives . . . she guns it and lets go of the wheel screaming with delight like a madwoman! It is so funny to watch. Originally, she did this b/c she didn't know how to steer, now she does it for amusement. Nothing stands a chance with her and she crashes into everything! Then, she gets out of the jeep and physically moves it to point it in the direction she wants to go next (it is cool how strong she is).
Here's the happy boy relaxing in his bouncy. This past week, he has been pretty miserable b/c his teeth are coming up. One of his favorite things to teeth on is Mama or Dada's face, more specifically our chins - ouch!


grandma jacki said...

I snuck a peek at work & YAY-more pics. Can't wait til I'm there.

CameraDawktor said...

What a crazy girl....hmmmm....has she seen Mama drive that way??!!

DWJSDating? said...

CD - that is what Dada claims, but I do not drive that crazy!

Dada said...

Yeah, she's right. She leaves her hands on the wheel when she closes her eyes... :-)

CameraDawktor said...

-yeah right, sure!

I think I may have to side with you this time. BTW: Nice rockn' cool camera you bought the wifey. Feel free to send one my way if you have more airplane $$ to blow. (teehee!) Also, congrats on the new house. It's gorge-E-mus!!