Saturday, March 04, 2006

T.G.I.F. - We love Fridays!

Yes, there have been some changes to the template (Loo seems to like them - see above - ha!). I wanted something simple and bold, so we are giving this one a try. Tomorrow I will work on changing the colors to something that represents us more . . . a.k.a. blue or some shade of it!This week has been so busy for us and the kids are doing great! Loco has not been sleeping as well as usual and has been waking up a little bit after I put him down fussing. Teething - I know I have said this before, but that must be the answer :) Loo has been stubborn (what a surprise) and uncooperative about going to bed. This always happens after Dada leaves!

Tonight, I went a little crazy on the pictures - we were having fun. Enjoy!

Loco was trying to eat the camera and kept pulling my hand with the camera in it closer! He is getting better at maneuvering and manipulating to get what he wants. Smart little boy, already!

Loco relaxing and watching Loo dance around to entertain him before dinner. We have another male in the house that likes to relax in that same position watching television! Any guesses on who it is? I'll give you a hint, it is not this guy:

By the way, dinner was good. Loco really, really, really loves green beans!

Can you tell?

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Grandma Jacki said...

I, personally, am glad you went crazy with the pictures. They are adorable. I like the change. It looks great Mama - you did a good job. Uncle Bubba & I are coming to visit in May (the end). I'll call with plans. I can't wait to see Loo's beautiful earrings, Loco's chubby fingers & to give Brutie a big hug & pet!