Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So Sweet!

Yesterday, Loo & I were snuggling (as best you can with an eight month old) with Loco and she was telling him how much she loves him. It was so sweet! Then she looked at me and asked if she can "have him forever & ever" b/c she loves him so very much and he is the best boy. Things like that just make my eyes well up!
Loco has been teething really bad - really, really bad! In this picture, he is teething on a medicine dispenser out of desperation! This past week, he chomped on anything that was close to him, including us. Dada & I both had marks from where he bit us all over. For some reason, Loco always goes for the shoulders!

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Grandma Jacki said...

It is moments like that that make you wanna cry! (Happy tears!)

CameraDawktor said...

Poor little guy, I can't believe how big he's getting~