Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank God . . . We FINALLY Have Internet & A Home Phone!

Just in time, before Mama lost her sanity . . .

the internet problem was fixed!

One thing that we have noticed is that customer service is not the same here as it is back in the USA. Everything is slower, there is no consistent follow-up, etc. We didn't even know that the internet was fixed and by luck Dada has been trying to modem daily to see if we had a signal.

So, let's see . . . where to start! We officially arrived in Perth, Western Australia on Thursday, February 21 at 8-something in the morning. So many things have happened since then that it is hard to keep up!

Here is a quick list of the things we have accomplished:
+ We rented a house (4 br, 2 bath w/pool) that is right across from a park
+ We bought a 2002 Mitsubishi Pajero . . . majorly expensive for used . . . ouch!
+ Loo is going to our neighborhood Primary School and is in Pre-Primary (like Kindergarten in the USA). Here it is approximately Kindy @4, Pre-Primary @5, Year 1 @6, etc. at the local government schools.
+ Loco is going to an "Occasional Care Center" that is hourly and has a flexible schedule a couple of times a week.
+ We finally have a doctor to deliver L3 after calling over 15 Ob/Gyn's and being told that they are all "booked" for May. Needless to say, Mama was getting very stress out and a little hormonal, but all is well now!
+ Dada has almost mastered the use of public transportation and rides a bus/train combination to and from work daily.
+ We are still waiting on our sea shipment to arrive at the port and then process its 2-3 weeks in customs! We want our stuff and the kids really want their toys :)

Well, that is all for now . . . I will add pictures later and try to keep up with more frequent posts. Hugs & kisses to all of our beloved family and friends! You are truly missed!!!!

Until next time, "Good Day, Mates!"

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stewbie2 said...

Woo Hoo!!! Got your voicemail this morning--approximately 10pm your time....

Glad to see everything is going well! Miss you lots!!