Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mama's Boy!

This isn't the best picture (a little blurry), but it is from a fun bonding experience with Loco. Since Lei has been born, I have been trying really hard to spend individual alone time with all of the kids . . . hard to do with three :)

One day after lunch, we shared a custard pastry and had a huge laugh b/c he was being such a piggy. I kept saying, "Who's mama's boy?!?" And he would giggle, cram more cake in his mouth, and then replay, "Loco is!" We had so much fun, doing almost nothing . . . that is what the best part of parenting is about!

I just wanted to eat him, instead of the pastry! I love this boy!

BTW - Dada doesn't want to leave here b/c the local bakeries are soooooo good! We get fresh bread, scones, etc. weekly, so I will be lucky to loose any of the pregnancy weight - LOL!

Just posted a bunch of pics (2 pages) on Flickr - please visit.


Doug Bagley said...

That is a cute pic!

Fantastagirl said...

Long time no see! Will bookmark the site...

You have the most beautiful children - such smiles! Enjoy it!

Wow - and such a big move.

stewbie2 said...

Hey girl, i tagged you.