Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Conversations With Loo

Having a three-year-old in the house lends itself to interesting conversation topics! Whenever we are in the "new car" (as Loo calls Mama's mini-van), we always have some of the most entertaining conversations. Here are a few for your entertainment:

L: Mama, I have to go to Miss D's tomorrow.
Ma: Yes, baby, Mama has to work, again.
L: C chases me and I have to go to timeout b/c I cry
(Note: C is one year younger & half her size)
Ma: Loo, you need to get over that! You are bigger than her, shouldn't be afraid, and can tell her what to do. Look at her and tell her to stop!
(Some day I will regret this conversation)
L: Ohhhhh, that's a good idea!


L: We're going home to see my Daddy!
Ma: No, sorry, Daddy is still at work.
L: [whining] No, I want my Daddy home. I have been to Miss D's house two days and Daddy should be home. We need to go to the airport to pick him up.
Ma: Sorry, baby. Two more weeks...
L: (As we drive past the corner w/Sonic) Can we get some "slushy juice"?
Note: I guess a drink from Sonic solves all problems!


L: (Looking in the sliding glass door at herself) I am sweet, beautiful, and smart!

Gotta LOVE that self-confidence :)


L: Baby Loco - I love you! Do you love me?

She loves being a big sister and is really enjoying him now that he is interacting with her, too!


One of Loo's favorite games to play is "Make A ______ Face" - here are a few of her face out to the side. In the bottom one, she is crossing her eye - that is a new thing she does. I have no clue where she got it from, but she thinks it is really funny. Do you think she would understand the Mommy threat, "Don't do that or your eyes will get stuck that way?"?!!? LOL!

Tonight we went up to Mama's school for "Teacher Appreciation Night" with the boy's basketball program. Our children draw so much attention at school events :) Everyone always comments on Loo's big blue eyes and her personality. She was hamming it up tonight and dancing with the cheerleaders. Loco was a ladies' man, being passed from cheerleader-to-cheerleader for googling - someday he will enjoy this story!


Robin said...

She looks just like my CadiBug did at that age. Thank you so muchy for taking me back. Hug her for me, okay?

1/24/2006 11:17 PM

Hazel Hazel said...

awesome pictures!

1/25/2006 7:12 PM

Anonymous said...

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