Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Open Up & Say Aaahhh...

This past weekend, Loco tried cereal for the first time! Even though his four-month "Well Baby" visit isn't until Friday, we wanted Daddy to be home for the first spoon full. It was a family event: Mama feeding, Dada taking pictures, Loo by his side (showing him how to chew), and Brutus pacing the room!

He was cautious at first and didn't know what to do, since he has only known "boobie milk" up to this point. Once the first few spoonfuls were done, he was grabbing my hand and shoveling more in. Without a doubt, he is a very happy baby :)

Saturday morning Loo and Mama went to Cool Cuts 4 Kids to get her hair cut. She had a great time playing with the trains and was a good girl getting her hair cut! Of course, having a princess video playing in front of her helped. After we were done, we walked to Starbuck's and she "worked it" shaking her curls and fishing for compliments. It was a lot of fun :)

Oh, yeah . . . Loco loves to watch football - go figure! Him & Dada had a good time watching the play-offs this weekend. "My boys" are so cute together :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how cool! I love that you keep us informed.


Anonymous said...

We have a family website too - and the family (read the GRANDMA's) love it! Have fun! - Momma of 2

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Our little Doodle Bug will be trying cereal in two months...any and all advice and pointers are appreciated!

Wyoming Family of 5 (Ma, Da-da Doodles, Toaster dog and Blender dog)

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad Logan is able to watch a good team while he watches the playoffs. Hopefully he'll remember this year's play off run and be a lifelong Steelers fan, and not pick up on his dad's only flaw (being a Browns guy!)


Anonymous said...

oh he's so cute! and those eyes! gorgeous! lindseys looking cute with her styling hair! boys and football? they go hand in hand don't they? Logans probably gearing up for his first super bowl! whooo! it's great to see your family is doing so well! miss you!

Jeremy Shipman said...

What's up Cuz,

Cool idea w/ the website. Good to see and hear from you and your family. I have 2 girls now, Dakota and Skye. You sure can tell their Conning kids when you see one!!!

Jeremy, Melissa, Dakota and Skye

Just_Christina said...

how fun....i have a family one too...dont think any of them read it anway..haha

that baby of yours needs me to pinch his cute chubby cheeks..hehehe

1/24/2006 8:53 AM