Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How To Comment

Hello Family & Friends...

For many of you, this will be the first time that you have seen a "blog". This is a growing trend and a quick, easy way for our family to communicate with all of you. Please comment when you visit, so we know you are here (please don't use our real names in the message)! When you click on the #_comments link at the bottom of each post, it will take you to a page with a box to record your message and three identity options:

1) Blogger - this is someone that has an account with www.blogger.com

2) Other - click this dot and type your name in the yellow box, if you have your own website list it in the second box

3) Anonymous - click this dot, then publish your comment (please sign the message with your name in it, so we know you visited)

The word verification option may be turned on. This is to prevent unwanted, automatically generated "spam" messages. If it is on, type the characters you see in the picture above exactly the way it shows and then publish your comment.

Thank you for visiting!
Please come often, we will update several times a week.