Saturday, January 28, 2006

Healthy & Strong!

Today was Loco's Four Month "Well Baby" Check-up. Time is flying!

He is doing great:
17 lbs. 6.5 oz. (90th Percentile)
25 inches long (50th Percentile)

He received four shots and has not been able to stay awake! I guess he is like Mama & Dada and sleeps it off when feeling yucky. Dr. K said he looks great and told me he wasn't teething, yet. Yeah, right! We know better - he is working on something down there :) Three years ago when we went for Loo's four month, he said the same thing and two weeks later she popped out her first tooth...we'll just wait and see if history repeats itself!

Notice the blanket by his face? Loco loves to sleep with something over his face. Sometimes I worry, but he is so peaceful and happy! Here are a few other pictures of his favorite way to sleep:

This picture (above) is from a few nights ago. Mama laid him down to go draw a bath for him and came back three minutes later to this - passed out cold - LOL!

These pictures were taken after Christmas in Kansas City. He loves this bear! Especially to sleep with . . .

. . . obviously, he doesn't want to be bothered!


stewbie2 said...

precious little pumpshkin!!!

Grandma Jacki said...

Big boy! How could he not be wonderful with his wonderful family. I'm so glad all is well. I love you.

Dada said...

"Stick your nose in there."

Ah, another in a family line of tight head props. Dada, Mama, and Aunt Trish are so proud...

(For those of you who don't get it, it's a rugby thing)

grandma said...

Hi everyone,

The pictures are great. Can't believe
how they both have changed since Xmas!

Love Ya,

Grandma Becky

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