Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friday's Pictures . . .

For some reason, the post I put up yesterday is now gone. I should have guessed this would happen b/c I was having so many problems with Blogger last night. Oh, well! I am not rewriting it . . . here's the summary:
We're still sick, but trying a new medicine and went to the mall yesterday for pretzels and playing.
Before it got too busy, Loco sat in the boat with Loo at the play area.

While playing Loo stood at the top of the waterfall slide and yelled, "People, I'm the Queen of the waterfall!" If was so funny :) The weird part was that no one else was paying attention; if they were , they didn't even crack a smile at this show of confidence!

When it was time to go, she tried to hide and kept asking for, "Ten more minutes!" She knows how to get what she wants, but it didn't work this time - LOL!

Before we left the mall (after only shopping at Old Navy - dangerous), Loo asked to ride one of the roller coaster simulators with rides from Cedar Point! Dada really wants to take her up to ride the real thing one day . . . She is a big-time thrill seeker and you would think she was on the real thing the way she screamed yesterday!

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