Monday, February 06, 2006

The Smile Is Back!

After several rough days and a lot of crying yesterday (which is not normal) - Loco has found his smile, again :) Today, he was smiling up a storm . . . Thank God!Mama was getting really worried about him. I think last night was the worst of it, b/c every time I laid him down to sleep he got upset. So, he spent a peaceful night sleeping upright in the swing. Today, he has already taken two naps laying down and had no difficulties. We had an incredibly low-key and lazy weekend - of course, it's not really lazy when all three of you are sick! The only time we left the house was to go visit Papa D & Cousin D forty minutes away and a couple of times across the street to Stewbie's house. Papa really needed a haircut and Mama is his barber :) Loo and D played, but not together - they are not quite at the age where they enjoy each other's company! She wants to do one thing and he wants to do another - two years makes a big difference for them!

Four days until Dada comes home . . . we love you and can't wait until you are here!