Wednesday, February 08, 2006

She Likes To Move It!

Today at the doctor's office (to be sure that Loco was okay), Loo would not be quiet! She loves talking to Dr. K when he is in the room and is very hyper. One of her favorite parts from Madagscar is when they are dancing in the forest singing, "I like to move it, move it - I like to . . . move it!" She is a hoot when she starts dancing and singing this. So, she decided that Dr. K needed to hear this song and kept singing (yelling) it! I finally got her to calm down and quit yelling . . . it was funny!

this is an audio post - click to play
Aren't children's memories amazing? In early December, we took Loo shopping with the camera to pick out things she would like from Santa. Then Dada took a picture of it to, "send to Santa". One of this things Loo picked out was a Doctor Care Bear that came with a stethoscope and other doctoral items. Well, Mama never bought this specific present for her and she didn't miss it or notice b/c she had tons of stuff from Christmas that stretched over three weeks . . .
I did however, in the spirit of this gift, buy her a doctor kit. However, I hid it on top of our closet and forgot about it! Go figure :) So, the other day, I accidentally knocked it down when getting something off the shelf and left it lying on the floor (always in a rush to get to work)! Tonight was Loo's special day - it was like Christmas all over, b/c she found the doctor kit on the floor (that is what she is saying in the audioBlog) and was very excited.
Since she remembered the one with the Care Bear and has plenty Care Bears of her own, she ran and got a few to use as patients. Could this be sign of her future? Who knows! All I know is that she loves her pediatrician and is a very caring person. Now, if she could just prescribe Mama some good drugs to clear up her sinus infection, we would be good!
I know I mentioned before that we think Loco is teething. Well, you should see him go to town on his activity center's butterfly. (I know, very manly!) He is very serious when it comes to eating it and gets upset when he can't nibble on it just right.
Dr. K said that he just has a really bad cold, but to call later in the week if I am still worried. Hopefully, it will continue to get better and not turn into something worse. Two of the girls at day care are really sick, one with bronchitis and the other with phenomenon. Plus, the several others are on prescription medicine to clear-up what they have. This is a really nasty virus . . .


Anonymous said...

There must be something about the "move it" song. Ame loves singing and dancing it too!!! Hope you all feel better soon


granma jacki said...

I'm glad she like to "move it!" I can just see her dancing.
Hugs & Misses

Anonymous said...

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