Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Time Slipped Away!

I realized, oops, I haven't posted on the family blog lately! If we have a regular audience (Hi Mom!) then I need to write and post some pictures to keep you coming back for more :)

Time has flewn by since Thursday! Dada came home that night and we are all having a blast together. This weekend, we broke down and finally bought a playset for the backyard! All last year we "window shopped" and priced the different types and ways to build one. While at Costco on Saturday we saw a great one there! It was hard to not buy it on the spot and to force ourselves to go home and think it through. I think it took us only five minutes to confirm that it was a good buy and that we wanted it!

Loo loves it already! She played on it several times yesterday, even though it wasn't 100% complete, and had a blast! I will merge/post some pictures to go with when I get home . . . check back tonight or tomorrow morning!

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