Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's Happening With The Kids?

Well, since Dada has been home, we haven't been writing as much or posting pictures! Today, I fill you in on how the kiddos are doing via pictures . . .

Still loves being a big sister and sometimes loves on Loco too much! We caught her the other day grabbing his hand to turn towards him and he got upset. They are both independent and I can tell already he is not going to let her push him around - LOL!

She loves to dress-up in the outfits she got for Christmas from Papaw & Gma B (above she is pictured in her wedding dress minus the vail that she fondly refers to as her princess dress). Recently, she discovered the fun of painting and loves to create beautiful pictures for us.

For Valentine's Day, Dada bought Loo & Mama new aprons. This was inspired by the aprons that Aunt G sent from Atlanta for Christmas. She loves to wear them and wants to cook. Loo is a professional at making scrambled eggs (even adds milk to them) and pre-mixed cookies (our time is limited)! Loo's apron has hearts, spatulas, muffin pans, oven mits, etc. on it and Mama's says, "Kiss the Chef". I think this might be the first picture of me on the blog and I am not looking my best :)


He is loving cereal and has been eyeing other food, too! Now that he has entered the grab everything stage, he is helping himself to anything he can reach. I was laughing at him in this picture, b/c he was just being a mess eating and getting it all over him. He grabs the spoon and tries to feed himself - it ends up everywhere!

This week, he was put on an antibiotic to help clear up his cold; unfortunately, he has been sick for over two weeks with little improvement. I was talking the other day with Miss D and we both agreed that he is laughing and smiling more b/c he is just getting used to being sick and dealing with it - how sad! Is seems that the ammoxicillin is working and he should be better soon. As shown above, when he passed out in his activity center, he has been sleeping a lot to fight it off!


Grandma Jacki said...

Seeing Loco sleeping on his activity center makes me want to go to sleep! I hope he gets better soon. Loo looks beautiful in her wedding/princess dress & in her new apron! So does mama.

Nan said...

Oh my gosh he looks just like CHAD! Linds is so beautiful!!!!