Monday, March 06, 2006

Before & After

This weekend, Loo went over to Stewbie's house while I was cleaning and getting ready for my Pampered Chef party. She went over with barely combed hair, the usual first thing in the morning with it curling and sticking up everywhere and came home with two beautiful french braids. Mama is going to have to learn how to do that again! It looked great :)
She wouldn't let me get a shot of the full back! But, as you can tell below . . . had no problems letting me take pictures of it after I took them out tonight. Her hair was very kinky after having braids for a day and a half! She thought it looked funny in the mirror and was "shakin' her curls" with force (look at her hold the door frame)!


amy said...

Ok this is THE cutest family blog I've ever seen ... I sure hope someday when T and I have kids that ours is this cute and up to date! So sweet!

The Kept Woman said...

What a wild woman!!!