Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Early Exposure To The Arts!

Mama had to go up to work last night (Monday) for an Open House with her department. Since she was away from the kids all day and had no major responsibilities at the event, Loo & Loco got to come along. It never ceases to amaze me how much people L.O.V.E our kids, especially their big blue eyes! Loo looked very pretty and wanted to dress up "like a princess" for the occasion. She is posing for Dada below with her new necklace and bracelet and freshly painted purple nails.In the cafeteria (where all the booths were located), she had a blast - clapping with the choir, dancing to the band video, hanging out with the Lariettes (dancers), petting rabbits, and eating free apples, cookies, and candy . . . a three-year-old's dream! Loco was a hit with everyone, too! He was pasted from person-to-person and barely fussed. Most of the time, he was laughing and smiling. Many of the students told me they were going to steal him and take him home b/c he was so cute (not necessarily funny). Since half of Mama's staff (she is the department chair) was there, they were happy to have a chance to see both kids. Most were, of course, amazed at how big Loco was already and couldn't believe what a performer Loo is already!
We had a great time and I was really happy for them to be around so many different arts. Loo really loved to look at the paintings and was invited to dance camp with the Lariettes (even though she is younger than the age group - "membership has its privileges")!The Theatre Director even volunteered for Loo to try on costume wigs, too. I thought Loo might have been afraid b/c it covered half her face, but she loved it! You can see more pics here.


Grandma Jacki said...

Well, how could Loo & Loco not be hits! The pics are great. Looks like it was a lot of work & a lot of fun. Can't wait to visit.
Grandma Jacki

CameraDawktor said...

That one with the mask is just too stinkin' hot!!! Very funny Loo!

Steph - NE said...

Your kids are BEAUTIFUL !! I LOVE THOSE BABY BLUES ! No wonder she runs the place ;o)