Thursday, March 09, 2006

Family Visit

Tonight Papa D, Aunt S, Cousin D, & Cousin M came over to visit. Aunt S finally had a night off from work and wanted to see Loco boy! Really the whole thing started b/c Papa D was craving Krystals (like White Castle) burgers and I work right next to one. So, I picked up two "steamer packs" of sliders on the way home for everyone. Papa D was in heaven (he better be appreciate b/c now Mama's mini-van stinks like them - LOL)!!!!!

S and I really need to stop reproducing b/c it is getting harder and harder to pose for a picture with more children! There never seemed to be a time when everyone was looking at the camera, so these pictures are the best we got . . . Can you say distracted? We can't get them to look all at once, even with Papa dancing around holding the camera! In the top pic S is physically turning D's head to look at the camera :)Our princess was very happy to have her cousins visit (& to show off her playset to M) and cried when they left. Hopefully, we will see then all again soon!


Nan said...

What- they have Krystals in TX??? Is that new? Man, my dad must be in heaven if it's true!

Grandma Jacki said...

I'm glad Loo got to see her cousins. It may be hard to take pics with that many kids but they were cute just the same.

CameraDawktor said...

Papa D came over last night? How could he, he was with me?? Or was that his stunt double filling in for him last night. He did piss me off, so maybe it would be better if it wasn't him after all....teehee!