Saturday, March 18, 2006

Green Beauties!

Before dinner on Friday night, I was trying on the new camera to see how it did with action. Try getting these two to sit still for a picture and you will definitely get an "action shot"! Here are the green monsters - oh, I meant green beauties!The pictures always start out calm enough and then Loco starts to wiggle like crazy! When this happens, Loo tried to hold him still or pick him up - this is funny to watch. Below, when she was trying to sit him back up, Loco decided to take a bite out of her arm - OUCH!In the shot below, Loo discovered the strap for the camera and was trying to pull on it while I was taking a shot. This taught me too things: 1) Put the strap around my neck with them, b/c you never know what they are going to do. You can see that Loco was really amused and eyeing it to teeth on, too. 2) The camera takes great shots even when I am wrestling away from a toddler! I love how they are still in focus and her hand is all blurry!