Monday, March 13, 2006

Loo's Yogurt Drinks!

Tonight, Loo requested that I take pictures of her drinking her yogurt drink . . . Why?
I don't know! but, she was having a good time "modeling" the drink. The funny thing is that she never says (unless corrected) the Y in yogurt. It is always "Mama, can I have a OOOOgurt drink" - too cute! So, since she wanted this and I tell about the every-day, average-joe things here . . . I blogged it!The picture to the left is of the shirt she was wearing tonight (click on picture to enlarge). I love shirts that have cute sayings on it like these, so does Dada - he bought her this one! Since she has grown so much, this is the last time she will wear this shirt. I am sad to see a lot of her 4T stuff go b/c it is so cute and has a lot of memories. Some of her favorites that will disappear, when she is not looking, include her Super Girl shirt, all of her tank tops from last summer, and a few other shirts like this. I think if I kept them for Loco to pass down, he might get a lot of strange looks wearing them in a few years . . . LOL!


CameraDawktor said...

Oh, those eyes....they are soooo amazing. Lock her up now before she becomes a teenager!

The second picture looks like you spiked her drink!?!

Anonymous said...

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