Monday, March 13, 2006

Underdog - Up, Up, & Away!

Funny how kids and parents don't always agree on things. . .

For example, Loo thinks that I don't spend enough time giving her underdogs, even though she is outside screaming at the top of her lungs for them every hour. And Mama thinks that if Loo asks for one more that she is going to go crazy! I found myself cursing the new playset a few times this weekend - LOL!

This morning, immediately after breakfast, she went outside and probably woke up the whole neighborhood calling to me to come and give her underdogs. The request went something like this . . .

From outside on the swing, "UNDERDOG!" "Mama, I want Underdog!"

Then when she realizes after a minute or two of repeating those, she comes up the sliding glass door and yells from outside, "Mama, please, por favor, I want an underdog. Will you come outside?"

Her timing is never good, this morning I was feeding Loco breakfast and she wanted me outside. Needless to say, Loco got to swing a lot outside today. This way we could feed Loo's underdog addiction.

Why did I ever show her what those are?

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CameraDawktor said...

por favor...that is so funny lol!!