Thursday, April 03, 2008

They Like Us :)

This week, we received two invites: one for a Mum's Morning Tea and another for a "play" after school! VERY EXCITING :)

They came just in time, since Mama was getting tired of most of her conversations being with the kids or bombarding Dada when he walks through the door. Or, worse yet, over-conversing with random strangers, just because they are someone new - LOL!

The rest of the week has been really busy, too:

+ I made another major purchase on Monday with a new vacuum. The funny part is that I was excited about getting it and have been researching for the last few weeks . . . sad, really!

+ Tuesday Mama volunteered in Loo's class for "roster duty". It was wonderful spending the day with her in school - we both really enjoyed the experience. The letter of the week is A, so Loo brought in an American flag. I helped her talk about where she was from and the teacher had a map to show the kids Texas, plus we mapped the trip we flew over!

Then, I cut up the fruit for "morning tea" (snack time) and divied it up between three containers (in term 1, each student brings one piece and they all share it). I shared a cup of tea and a hot cross bun with all of the teachers during the morning play. And was invited by Loo's friend to eat lunch with them on the playground - thankfully, I planned for a full day and packed myself a lunch, too.

The best part of the day was the My Favorite Apple taste test that I was in charge of. All the kids sat with me and tried one of four apples: Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, & Hi Early. They selected their favorite, colored an apple to match, and placed it on a bar graph chart - a wonderful concept for them to be learning at this age - I was impressed! Plus, I was able to meet all of the children in the class and visit with them for a few minutes. Now, when Loo talks about one of them, I know the face :)

+ Mama & Loco went to the Petroleum Women of Perth's Mum & Tots Play Group on Wednesday morning and met lots of other expiate women. The "parent group" (I am learning a lot) is comprised of lots of women from all walks of life that are related to the oil field. It was interesting to talk with other Mom's that have been in the same situation and finding out how they adjusted. All of them really wanted their cargo shipments, too!

+ Loo went to the dentist today for the first time b/c one of her bottom baby teeth is a little loose, but won't come out and the new tooth is growing in behind it! (Sound familiar Grandma Jacki?) So, they took an x-ray of it and the root is really long. We have an appointment on the 21st to have it extracted; however, I was advised to not speak of it much and barely tell her what they are going to do. Hopefully, if we wiggle it enough, it might fall out before hand . . . we're not holding our breathe, though. She was a perfect patient today and had her first cleaning/fluoride treatment.

+ This afternoon we went to the doctor, again, for Mama and the baby. I took the kids with me, so they could meet him for the first time (before they get sick). Unfortunately, he was really busy, so he didn't get much a chance to visit with them, but they didn't care or notice and were too busy checking out the room! I have gained 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lbs.) in two weeks . . . finally, since I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight. The baby is already in position for delivery and growing right on target.

+ And tomorrow night, Dada is going to his first rugby game in Perth. Needless to say, he is very excited!

That's it for now. Still waiting on the wireless router to get the pics off my laptop. Hopefully, soon . . .

Hugs to all :)


stewbie2 said...

:) Sounds like everything is going well! Jenna did the apple thing last semester (or was it 2 semesters ago?); weird how they're working on similar things, although they're across the world from each other! :)

Grandma Jacki said...

Well, it sounds like all of you are all fitting in wonderfully. Yup, loose baby teeth not falling out while permanant ones come in sounds very familiar!!!!! Going to the dentist for it sounds familiar too.
L&M, Mom

CameraDawktor said...

hey down under girl! wow, you are an Aussie!!! gotta love morning tea.

stewbie2 said...

How'd the tea and playdate go?