Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another Week - Argh!

It seems like forever ago that we were packing up the house in the Houston-area for our Australian move. The movers arrived on Tuesday, January 22nd at 9 a.m. to begin the lengthy process and finished around lunch time on Friday with a fully loaded 40 foot cargo container.

During our stay in the hotel suite in Houston, I didn't miss the material goods of our home (much); however, I missed the space and routine of our home. When we first arrived in Perth, we were so busy adjusting that I didn't think about it. Then, thankfully, we received our air shipment boxes (after a week and a half) and everyone was happy to have some "new" things! Dada got his new work and play clothes and the new shoes he bought before we left. I got a few things from Bath & Body Works! The kids got their bath toys to tide them over. And, most importantly, there was a case of diapers and wipes - yippee!

On this Friday, we will have been in our rental home for four weeks. And I have been dreaming of our king-size bed, toys for the kids, the filing cabinets to clean up all the paperwork, etc. Knowing that our items have been less than 15 minutes away for the last two weeks at the Fremantle Port is killing me! Originally, based on our update emails that we receive (like below), our delivery was fore casted to be on April 8th. Now, it looks like it is going to be a week later! When I talked to Dada today at work, after he forwarded me the new timeline, he tried to be positive, saying, "What's another week?!?!"

I'll tell you . . . ARGH!


Shipment Status Report

Agent: The MI Group-USA
Agent Coordinator: D.B.
Agent Reference: 485897
Mode of Transport: FCL
Shipper: DADA
Wridgways Reference: P31193

Activity Date Status
Arrival at Port / Airport 20 Mar 08 Completed
Arrival at WW Warehouse 02 Apr 08 Forecast
Customs Bond Charges Commence 11 Apr 08
Quarantine Examination 08 Apr 08 Forecast
Customs Clearance 17 Mar 08 Completed
Delivery to Residence 14 Apr 08 Forecast

Please note forecast dates are provided as an estimate only and are highly likely to change without notice.

Please DO NOT rely on forecast dates when making travel or accommodation commitments.

At this rate, I just hope to have our delivery before the end of April :)

Have I mentioned how much fun this is!?!?!? LOL!


Jacki said...

Hang in there, Honey. Hopefully all will be ready the third week in April so when you do you're nesting for L3 you'll have stuff to do!!!
L&M, Mom

Jacki said...